The World's Most Perfect Grandson

Saturday, April 5, at 5:12 PM we were blessed with the arrival of our first grandchild,

Quinlan Dale Rishel Maynor

the son of our daughter Jennifer and her husband, Blaine Maynor.

Quinlan is a big fella, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces and measuring 20 inches when he arrived.


Here's Quinlan at about six weeks old.

Here's Quinlan and his Mom, taken shortly after he arrived.

Here's Quinlan and with his Dad, taken while they were still in the hospital. Blaine was with Jen through the 22 hour labor and "roomed in" afterward. He was the one to change Quinlan the first five times he needed it.

Here's Quinlan and with his Aunt Audrey, Blaine's sister.

The newly expanded family came home from the hospital Sunday evening. Here's Mom, Dad, and Quinlan in their home.

Judy and Wes drove up to McKinleyville from Alameda arriving Sunday evening. Here's the new Grandma with the babe.

And, of course, here is gramps.

By Monday, we began to see his eyes more.

And, like all the other Most Perfect Grandchildren in the world, he is so adorable asleep.

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