Christmas 2004

Quinlan experienced his second Christmas at age 20 months. This year he understood the idea of gifts really well.

Quin and his Mom, Jennifer.

Quin, Mom and Dad (Blaine).

This frenetic little ball was the coolest gift as it rolled about, rotated, whirred, beeped buzzed and then rotated again.

We are making sure that Quinlan Dale Maynor's full name is on this page, so he can be embarrassed by Google in oh, maybe, 2014.

Here is Quinlan in his cute little track suit.

And here is Quinlan without his cute litte track suit, helping Grandma Judy make the salad.

Flashlights are among Quinlan's favorite toys, so when Grandpa Bill Maynor got a lantern for Christmas Quin loved it.

Here's Quin in the cat's hiding place, behind the Christmas tree.

Here's Quin with yet another simulated yuppie gadget.

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