v3mountainthumbnail.GIF (3638 bytes) A line drawing helps to remind us of the time and sweat we invested to start the HL7 Version 3 effort, and the good friends we worked with.
The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (about 1525 - 1569), was the lead icon for the Duke Healthcare Informatics Standards web site which has ended its life. This is first serious Web site Wes worked on. It was great fun and we feel we created a comprehensive resource on informatics standards where there had been none. Click here for a nice reproduction of the painting.
l'OincIcon.GIF (1406 bytes) When Wes and friends were building the Duke Healthcare Informatics Web site, we had some fun over the page for Logical Observation Identifiers, Names, and Codes (LOINC). The group did not have a logo for an icon, and we could not shake the idea of a pig in a beret (L'Oinc). Stacey Phillips, a colleague of Judy, made a drawing that could fulfill our fantasy.


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