Variations on a Theme

The Toronto City Hall provided an opportunity to fiddle with the various filters and other tools that PhotoShop provides. Here are a few examples. What do you think? Send me an e-mail and let me know.

990425_07_Enhanced_Contrast.jpg (64737 bytes)

This is the original. The only changes are to correct for perspective so that the edges of the buildings rise vertically, instead of seeming to radiate upwards at different angles, and to enhance the contrast.
990425_07_ColoredPencil.jpg (69434 bytes)
The Colored Pencil filter, applied with different colors to the building and the background.
990425_07_50pctColrdPnclOrig.jpg (61948 bytes)
The Colored Pencil blended with the original to create a hybrid.
990425_07_ColorizedBackground.jpg (63974 bytes)
In this one the background is "colorized".
990425_07_DryBrush.jpg (57391 bytes)
The PhotoShop "Dry Brush" filter.
990425_07_CityHall_pageCurl.jpg (98794 bytes)

These last two are functions of Kai's Power Tools. Seamless welding  created the repeated image of the city hall. Can you guess which filter is Page Curl and which is Kaleidoscope?

990425_07_CityHall_Kaleidescope.jpg (116752 bytes)
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