Here's Colin Bertram (CB) Dale, Wes' maternal grandfather, and his sister Barb. Wes took this picture in 1960 or 1961.

Click here to see early pix of CB.

Here's Wes' Mom, Virginia, and Barb's two boys, Aaron and Josh Stegmeyer. This picture was taken about 1984.
Here's Wes and Judy, in the Winter of 1969-1970. Curt Huff took this picture. We think the backdrop is Grand Canyon.
Here's Judy and her friend Beth, at church camp in about 1958. This picture was made with a camera that Beth got by saving up cereal box tops.
Wes' grandfather Hubert Rishel is the little tyke on the right. We think this picture was taken about 1892, while Edwin was a missionary in Oklahoma.

We have long had a theory that a gene makes it impossible for Rishel men to smile for pictures. This photo supports the theory.

Left to right, Barb, Virginia, Steve, John, and Wes Rishel. We think CB took this picture at Christmas time 1953. 

This provides support for the theory that Rishel men are genetically unable to smile for the camera. Steve had a good workaround. Wes thinks he will try it the next time someone asks him to pose for a picture.

Here are a couple of pictures of Wes. On the left, probably about second grade, when we lived in Milwaukee. Above, in 1945 perhaps in Oak Park, IL. On the right, with Jocko, Grandma and Grandpa Dale's Scottie that ended up living with us in Wood Dale, IL Wes guesses the picture was taken around 1948.

Steve gets a bath in the kitchen sink in Milwaukee, 1952. The comment was written in the back in the handwriting of our Grandmother Irma Dale.
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