The pictures below were taken the week of April 26, 1999,
at the Health Level-Seven meeting in Toronto, Ontario.

990425_07.jpg (201112 bytes)

The view from my hotel room. The curved building is the Toronto City Hall. The big mushroom growing in the center is where the Assembly meets. Toronto is ethnically very diverse; the parade in the picture was a  Sikh celebration. The distinctive architecture made this picture an interesting subject for PhotoShop experimentation. Click here for the results.

990427_1_CASIG a.jpg (77929 bytes)

The  Claim Attachments Special Interest Group (CASIG). Click here for the arty version of this picture.

990427a_2.jpg (82361 bytes)

Special Interest Group on XML.

990427a_5_CCOW_x.jpg (122697 bytes)

(Above) Rob Seliger leads the ballot reconciliation for the Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW). Mark Stega looks on. Click here for the arty version of this picture.

(Below) The others in the meeting.

990427a_6_CCOW.jpg (74394 bytes)
990428_09.jpg (99810 bytes)

Gunther Schadow leads the discussion of data types in a joint meeting with CCOW, XML, and Component Based Messaging. Click here for a related "arty" picture.

990428_11_CQ_XML.jpg (50494 bytes)

990428a_04_board.jpg (118132 bytes)

990428a_06_board.jpg (99776 bytes)

990428a_05_Board_A.jpg (76060 bytes)

(Above) The Board of Directors meeting. Susan Abernathy, Larry Stotz, Mead Walker, Tracy Keller (face hidden), Erica Stauch, Frieda Hall.

Click here for a related "arty" picture.

990429_GWB_WesSmiling.jpg (71494 bytes) Woody Beeler sent along pictures that he took with his Nikon CP 900. He contributes a rare thing to these pages, a picture of Wes himself. Even rarer, a picture of Wes smiling! It's heredity. Even the oil painting, hanging in the antechamber of the Rishel Castle, of the First Earl of Rishel Pudding, shows a smile that looks like the Earl is trying to cure his constipation.
Of course, Wes doctored up the picture a little. For truth in advertising, here is the original: 990429_GWB_WesSmilingOrigThum.jpg (7867 bytes)

Click here for some "arty" versions of this picture.


(Below, left) Wes as he usually was, hiding in the bushes waiting for that perfect candid shot.

990429_GWB_WesWithCamera.jpg (87834 bytes)

9904_GWB_HL7_Wes_JohnQ.jpg (68386 bytes)
What was I telling John Quinn? It had to do with what the mama saw, when me and Julio were down by the schoolyard.
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