At the HIMSS '99 tradeshow, HL7 had two booths--one for CCOW and one to show prototypes of our work with XML. Wes has been involved in both projects and was the coordinator for the XML booth, along with Liora Alschuler.

Wes had his trusty Kodak DC-120 along and made a few snapshots. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pictures.

The HL7/XML Booth

99022211BusyBooth_thumbnail.jpg (11500 bytes)
A busy booth, just the way we like it.
99022215_Vassil_thumbnail.jpg (9236 bytes)
Vassil Peytchev (Epic) explains the flow of the demo..
99022210_thumbnail.jpg (12670 bytes)
Another booth scene. The yellow vendor badges are a good sign: they are our customers as much as the providers.

The HL7/CCOW Booth

990223_13_CCOW_thumbnail.jpg (9835 bytes)
Michael Tobak(Oceania)
and interested viewer.
990223_16_Andy_thumbnail.jpg (8904 bytes)
Andy Woyak (MedicaLogic)
demos User Link.

The Press Conference

99022201WoodyAtBriefingThumbnail.jpg (12930 bytes)
Woody Beeler (Mayo), Chair of HL7 and Master of Ceremonies
99022202.LioraPressBriefingThumbnail.jpg (9144 bytes)
Liora Alschuler (The Word Electric) set the stage and explained PRA.
99022203_RobNaudience_thumbnail.jpg (8800 bytes)
Rob Seliger (Sentillion) provided the exciting CCOW news.
99022207_John_Mattison_thumbnail.jpg (9276 bytes)
John Mattison, MD, (Kaiser) explained the provider view on the RIM and XML.
99022209_Rick_Samco_thumbnail.jpg (9097 bytes)
Rick Samco, (MedicaLogic) provided the vendor's view.
(No picture of the photographer).

Wes Rishel explained Version 3 messaging and the RIM.

PE06432_.WMF (2682 bytes)

Staging the XML Demo

P000720LargeGroupThumb.jpg (12482 bytes) We spent Saturday and Sunday "staging" (testing) the demo. A couple of long days, well spent.
P000725FrancineAndXThumb.jpg (8735 bytes)
Francine Kitchen and Gary Zaelit (STC)
P000722AndyAndTinaThumb.jpg (9976 bytes)
Andy Woyak (MedicaLogic) and Tina Buckeye (Epic)
P000724OrchardThumb.jpg (10592 bytes)
Jeff Kain and
Brad Dumke
JonAndChrisThumb copy.jpg (11264 bytes)
Jon Farmer and Chris White
(Care Data)
P000726DarrylThumb.jpg (8975 bytes)
Darryl Taylor (Texcel)

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