A Toast:

To the best Mimosas ever.

The blushing bride accepts a toast from Lynn Garcia, shower instigator and co-planner.

0620_01AToas_small.jpg (37875 bytes)
0620_03OpeningOWow_small.jpg (35650 bytes) Oh, wow!

It's just what I registered for.

I've got to save the wrapping paper! 0620_10&02WrappingPaper_Small.jpg (42914 bytes)

They say, the bride should line her
kitchen shelves with the wrapping paper.



Mother of the Bride


And it's a cute cake, too.

0620_14JenAndJudy.jpg (62406 bytes)

0620_17Wreaths_Medium.jpg (55896 bytes)


And then ... Martha Stewart dropped in.




The Alameda, CA, Ladies Society of Horticulture
and the Grecian Dance


0620_16WreathsOnHeads.jpg (28718 bytes)

And Herb was there, too.
0620_06Herb_small.jpg (39646 bytes)
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