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  • Christmas 2004
  • April 2003
  • Wes enjoys taking pictures with his digital camera, and then (ahem) adjusting the pictures in PhotoShop. Our pictures don't lie, but sometimes they tell a different truth!

    August 2000, Pictures from our Alaska Cruise!

    February 2001 Cruise: Panama Canal

    In Photoshop, as in most things, Wes finds himself compelled down the road less traveled. Friends, relatives and wives, generally favor the road more traveled, where they can recognize who it is in the darned picture.

    WorkMemorabiaIcon.GIF (12813 bytes) Who says you can't get sentimental about work, too? This page describes a few of Wes' projects that have been fun and memorable.
    Click here to view Wes' excellent adventure as the Honorary Duckmaster at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.
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