These are the pictures where we tried to get something more than a journalistic image. Sometimes it was an impression, sometimes just some razzle-dazzle. But to Wes, this is the real fun of digital photography. In the good old days he sometimes spent several days in the darkroom, just making various prints of the same negative. Now he gets to do it with the lights on!

Our son and his wife, at their wedding

The lighthouse at 
Trinidad Harbor, CA
Barb Rishel-
Bill Benton
May 28, 1999

Toronto, Ontario 
Government Center

990623.0441.gif (3481 bytes)
Interpretive Pix of Various HL7 Meetings

Judy X 3 on the top of Stone Mountain, GA
Various PhotoShop Filters applied 
to a head shot of Landen Bain.


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