A friend was flying over northwest Michigan, and was astounded at how far he could see. He whipped out his trusty digicam and snapped a quick pic, but he had some problems due to a loose nut behind the viewfinder. The picture was badly underexposed. We took a stab at it with PhotoShop and were somewhat surprised at how much information we could pull out of the image.

In reality, though, he got results that were just about as good with PhotoDeluxe, the hobbyist/photographic package from Adobe.

The original.

91Aerial_RexSmallA_orig.jpg (37402 bytes)

A somewhat better version. Woody tells me that the red arrow represents about 70 miles--pretty good visibility.

91Aerial_RexSmallABetter.jpg (136494 bytes)

And, of course, the inevitable Arty Version.

91Aerial_RexSmallA_Arty.jpg (112276 bytes)

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