Steve Morris' Modest (but good) Midi Collection (alas, link no longer available) (from whence we --ahem-- borrowed some of the midis we are using on this site).

R. Gary Allen's Bluegrass MIDI Files (Very good!)

Jadie's Meadow is a personal Web site. Click in "Midi files" for some well chosen and sequenced selections.

Chris Rada has sequenced a great mix of 70s songs.

Gary Wachtel (GaryW0001) has sequenced an eclectic collection of great songs, including many of my favorites on this site. He is trying to make a buck at it now, God bless him, but fortunately you can still download the older songs for free.

We have used some of Don Carroll's midis here as well.

R. Finley has been the source of most of the classical midis used on these pages. His page has great links to other classical sequences.

Family & Friends


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Here is a link to my Brother Steve,  noted musician, raconteur, scion of the telephone industry,  lover of things furry and feathered and closet Linuxian. Steve lives in Seattle. At one time his home page included an animation of the skyline like the closing graphic on Frazier. But Seattlites, when they are not busy circling the earth, like to promote a legend of steady rain and permafog. I thought I'd help. I used Photoshop to further adapt his adaptation to a dismal, dim, dreary day.  Any day now, I expect a prize from the SDKCMFNO (Seattle Department of Keeping Californians from Moving any Further North than Oregon.). 

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Technical and Professional Stuff

Python: the most fun you can have programming, and the most productive you can be while programming. No brag, just fact.

Code Guru: a commercial site, but a lot of good technical info.

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection. Just maps.

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