Click here for The Good Old Days, some nostalgic pictures of us and our kin.

Chris and Wendy's Microfarm.

Chris (Topher) and Wendy have a strong interest in natural foods and herbalism. While they have been living with us they have turned our California-size (small) back yard into a little farm,. It has a  fenced-off garden to protect the plants from the dog herd (well, only two dogs). Judy snapped these as they were building the newest addition, a plastic pipe and sheet plastic greenhouse. (Pix taken  6/99.) Click on these images for bigger versions.

tn_990615.0397.greenhouse.jpg (17454 bytes)

tn_990615.0398.greenhouse.jpg (19786 bytes)

Pix taken by Judy from our bedroom window on the Nikon 950. No post-processing except cropping.  

Jen and Blaine's Orchids.

Blaine is working on his dream business, Orchids for the People. Blaine's greenhouse is a fancy affair, befitting the demands of his plants, with a pump maintaining an insulating layer of air between. the sheets of plastic. He sent us these photographs.

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Family as Friends

In our business travels we have been fortunate to spend some quality time with aunts and uncles and cousins whom we had seen all too infrequently over the years. Getting to know them for the first time as adults, we were delighted to find that these were folks we would enjoy as friends, even were they not blood.
tn_990615.0402.uncajackauntpat.jpg (17679 bytes)

tn_990615.0404ujampixjen.jpg (19140 bytes)

Pix taken with Nikon 950, internal flash. Modest Photoshop processing on the upper picture to even the flash illumination and darken and blur the background. The lower pic  was processed to sharpen and emphasize the laptop picture. It is a credit to the 950 that it balanced the flash against the ambient light well enough to be able to see the laptop screen at all.

Uncle Wesley ("Jack") Dale 
and Aunt Pat.

 Several business trips have take Wes (Rishel) to Kansas City, and on each he has enjoyed spending time with his Mom's brother and his wife. These pictures were taken 6/15/99 in my hotel lobby with the Nikon 950, where they oohed and aahhed over various photos of spouse, kids, weddings, dogs, etc. on my laptop. In a triumph of digital photography, we added these pictures to our collection as they watched. Click on these images for bigger versions.

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This is the photo that was the basis for the 
icon on the home page.

Mother's Day, 1997, taken in Carmel, CA.

Left to right, seated: Judy and Wes; standing: Christopher (aka Topher), Wendy (Topher's, wife), Jennifer Rishel (aka Nifer -- rhymes with "with her") and Blaine Maynor (Nifer's husband.)

cake.gif (8277 bytes) Jen's wedding shower, June 20, 1998.
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