The pictures below were taken the week of April 26, 1999,
at the Health Level-Seven meeting in Toronto, Ontario.

Variations on a Theme
990425_07_CityHall.GIF (9373 bytes)
The Toronto City Hall provided an opportunity to fiddle with the various filters and other tools that PhotoShop provides. Click here to see a seemingly endless number of examples. Which ones do you think seem to work, if any? Send me an e-mail and let me know.
990428_02 CQ XML.jpg (118352 bytes)

Gunther Schadow leads the discussion of data types in a joint meeting with CCOW, XML, and Component Based Messaging.

990427a_1_XML.jpg (90958 bytes)

The Special Interest Group on XML. Some have commented that the picture looks like "The Continental Congress with laptops."

990427a_5_CCOW_outline.jpg (79204 bytes)

Rob Seliger leads the ballot reconciliation for the Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW). Mark Stega looks on.

990428a_09_board_Woody.v.Mead.jpg (40917 bytes)
(Above) Mead Walker makes a point to Woody Beeler during the Board of Directors meeting. (Below) When Ed talks, everyone listens. Mark Shafarman, Ed Hammond, John Quinn, Karen Keeter, Stan Huff, Karen van Hentenryck, Woody.
990428a_11_boardA.jpg (103842 bytes)
9904294_Facilitators_Debriefing _Mark_and_Mead.jpg (50891 bytes)

Mead and Mark during the Facilitator's Debriefing

Gunther  explains data types to several facilitators during the debriefing. Other players, left to right, Bob Dolin, Marco Johnson, Linda Quade, and Debra Weiss (back of head only).

9904291_facilitators_Linda_Gunther_Marco_Dolin copy.jpg (66092 bytes)

990427_1_CASIG_HCFA_ESRD_Project.jpg (53860 bytes)

In the Claim Attachments Special Interest Group (CASIG), all the action was at the other end of the table. (The effect here is pretty subtle: except for the three people in the back, the colors are muted and the natural shading partly converted to more solid blocks, like paper cutouts.
990427_3_CASIG_Steve morphed blend.jpg (149679 bytes)

Steve Barr, Co-chair and Fearless Leader of CASIG

990429_GWB_WesSmilingPencilCutout.jpg (135608 bytes) Thanks to Woody Beeler for sending along pictures that he took with his Nikon CP 900. He contributes a rare thing to these pages, a picture of Wes himself. Click here to see the straight version.

This is a blend of the Colored Pencil and Cut Out filters in PhotoShop.

The light was pretty funky in the Sheraton Centre, a strong mixture of bluish north light coming in the windows, incandescent bulbs, and   garish yellow-green fluorescent tubes that were probably "grow lights" for an alien's garden. If you look closely at some of my pix, you can see items that cast two shadows of different colors.

Woody's camera caught a balance of output from its flashgun and the ET-Gro-lites. The result was somewhat reminiscent of Rembrandt, so I thought I'd try to emphasize the idea by making the light appear on the very edge of my face and shoulders. Besides, what could be more appropriate for a picture taken at HL7 than RIM-lighting?? (Inside joke).

990429_GWB_WesSmilingPencilCutoutRimlit.jpg (86307 bytes)
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