Basic Propellerhead info for the Alaska Web site
Wes took most of the pictures using a Nikon 950, editing in PhotoShop 5.5 (with ImageReady) and using FrontPage 2000 to maintain the Web.

One of the features of PhotoShop 5.5 is a really good facility for creating optimized JPEGs and GIFs, trying different levels of compression, and understanding their download times for modem-bound users. Using this substantially changed our approach to JPEGs. The compression level for the Web is usually 15 or 20, except for a few pictures that have particularly important detail. As a result, modem users should see the pictures appearing in a few seconds. On the rest of the site, the pictures probably take much longer.

On our Round Tuit list is to create a parallel set of pages for broadband users. Bigger images would better display the pictures and allow us to show off what we have done with the PhotoShop filters. But, everyone knows how hard it is to get a round tuit.

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